September 2015 Newsletter - Check out what is happening at Stidham Cabinet this month!

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This month's featured SCI Project is the Laurel County Readiness Center, London, KY.  We would like to thank the Laurel County Board of Education for allowing us to be a part of this exciting project.

Architects:    Sherman Carter Barnhart
Contractors:  Hacker Brothers Inc.
Laurel County Readiness Center Reception Desk
Front of Reception Desk

Here is an elongated view of the Front and Side of the the Reception Desk making the reception area a warm and inviting feeling for students and visitors.

Click image for enlarged view
Reception Desk working area
Reception Working Area

The working area of the Reception Desk allows for multiple workstations finished with a warm Tungsten EV Laminate highlighted with a soft appealing Wilson Art Salanina Argento Countertop.

Click image for enlarged view

transaction area
Close up of Transaction Area

A closer view of the Transaction Area is appealing to all, accented with the beautiful Brazil Wood Laminate inlets.

Click image for enlarged view

custom keystone
Custom Keystones

An unusual eye catcher of this Reception Desk are the five Custom Keystones done in Wilson Art Salentina Nero resting next to the beautiful Windsor Mahogany Panels.

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